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The History of this Site

The content of this site was first drafted as a booklet in the dying days of the 1990's. The booklet came about due to the sheer difficulty in obtaining data on Hengistbury Head for my children's school projects. The few available library books were always out on loan and expensive to buy.

So decided to home-produce a cheap booklet. It sold a few hundred copies in the late 90's early 2000's and was available in local libraries for many years (and may still be so!).

I then published the contents of the booklet as a simple website on some free webspace at the very beginning of the new century. A year or so later I bought the web name

The website was an instant success. But couple of years after it started I moved out of area and was heavily involved in other projects. For many years this website ran automatically without any updates.

The website was the only multi-page on-line resource on Hengistbury Head for over 10 years. Now other websites have now come on-line and provide excellent resources on this very special place. (see the links page) But this site still comands a significant niche audience and perhaps offers some information unavailable elsewhere.

The website is now over twenty years old. While it has been heavily modified (in an ad-hoc fashion) over that time it is showing its age. It cries out for a major update. But time is a demon.

The site remains an independant web site. It is neither financed or controlled by any bodies other than me.


If you want to contact me then email me as bill at hengistbury-head dot co dot uk I don't check this email as often as I should so please don't get upset if you do not get an immediate reply. I plan to check this email once per week but in all likelyhood it will be checked every few days.


With reluctance I have re-instated (some) Google adverts to help pay the hosting fees. But if I ever figure out a way of supporting this and other similar sites without them, they will be gone in a flash. There are currently a couple of local advertisers on the site and I would like to thank them for their support.


All material on this site including text, layout and images (except for the material from Google and GNU images) are Copyright © 1994–2021 Bill Rees. All rights reserved.

Copyright Relaxation

You are free to download and duplicate my copyrighted text and images on condition that downloads are used for personal or educational purposes. I also generally do not mind if you use my data from the site for other reasons BUT I would like an email first asking permission. The "legalese" is as follows:

Any downloads must not be used for profit, for commercial use, or for incorporation in any media that is offered 'for sale' or otherwise commissioned for payment without getting the site owners written permission first.

The standard question I get is "Can I use some data/images in a school/college project?" The answer to that is (always) yes. It would be nice (if practicable) if you could mention the site URL near the item used. But no worries if it is too difficult to do.


The Useful links page and other places thoughout this site contain links to other internet sites that look useful but I have no control over their content.

Privacy Policy

This site does not collect or attempt to collect any private data. If you contact the site owner via email your email address will not be traded/sold/given to anyone else. It will only be used for a reply (if a reply is appropriate)


The site will fully function if cookies are turned off or on by your browser. The site does not directly set any cookies. Google analytics and Google Adsense may set cookies while you are on the site. Google Adsense cookies are only set when an advert is clicked. Google Analytics cookies are there only to anonomously calculate site useage across the statistical user base.

I hope that just about clears up any privacy/cookie issues!

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