Hengistbury Head Books

I first started studying HH to help my kids with the dreaded GCSE coursework. The books are listed below. Books and pamphlets on the local area can be bought on Amazon or locally at:

Bookends Bookshop Christchurch: A friendly and helpful bookshop that stocks the latest material on Hengistbury Head and area.

The Red House Museum, Christchurch: The Red House Museum is an essential resource for local history study and also stocks some books and pamphlets.

The Book shop on Mudeford beach: Stocks the more popular local history books.

These books are also generally available either new or secondhand on Amazon.

Hengistbury Head History and Geology
Bill Rees

This e-book is essentially the contents of this website plus a little more information on footpaths and nearby sites of interest. Hopefully this should be an easier read on a Kindle or Kindle App than it is on the website. This is a low cost item which I hope will be of interest to those with a Kindle or Kindle App on their Tablet or phone.

IronStone Canyon
Lawrence Popplewell

A small but very important booklet on the Hengistbury Mining Company. This was the organistation that caused so much damage to Hengistbury Head by stripping the Ironstone Doggers off the beach. A low cost book that is well worth the money.

Hengistbury Head The Whole Story
Bill Hoodless 2006

The latest and probably the most definitive book on the history, geology and folklore of Hengistbury Head. The book reflects many years of patient investigation and expounds on many areas that until now were at risk of being lost with the passage of time

1784 The Battle of Mudeford
Mike Powell 1993

Today it is hard to believe that only 200 years ago this area was living on the margins of the law. In 1784 a battle took place in Mudeford between smugglers and coast guards. A really good read. Packed with historical information about Mudeford, Christchurch and surrounds, including Hengistbury Head

Hengistbury Head
Edited by C.S. Pepin MA 1967

Sometimes a secondhand copy of this wonderful little book pops up. The last print run was done (I think) in 1985. The book is unusual in that it gives a great deal of its contents over to the wildlife and ecology of Hengistbury Head.

Hengistbury Head
Barry Cunliffe 1976

Dr Barry Cunliffe is Professor of European Archeology at Oxford University. That such an esteemed scientist has been deeply involved with the archeology of Hengistbury Head for over 30 years speaks volumes about the importanceof the site. This book is a highly readable book packed with authoritative information regarding the pre-historic use of this site by man. A book that is in constant demand. Available, only if you are lucky! A book with two separate entries on Amazon!

Christchurch Harbour
Mike Powell 1995

An excellent and highly readable account of Christchurch Harbour including a great deal of information regarding Hengistbury Head.

The Stour Valley Way In Pictures
Heather Robinson 2017

Heather is a novelist and short story writer from Wiltshire. She has a passion for exploring the Stour Valley Way of which Hengistbury Head forms a part. She has documented in images and text many of the interesting features along this quintessentially English river.

A Natural History of Bournemouth and District
Edited Daniel Morris D.Sc 1915

A very rare book. I have only ever seen one copy in a local library. A fascinating insight into turn of the century Bournemouth. This book details many facets of society of that day (how about the local 1910 electricity supply!)as well as giving a good description of the structure of Hengistbury Head

Hengistbury Head, The Coast
Peter Hawes 1998

Written by one of the most knowledgeable people regarding Hengistbury Head it provides a great deal of detailed yet understandable information on Hengistbury Head, its formation and sea defences. This was once very hard to come by but I have heard a rumour it is now back in print

Smuggling in Poole Bournemouth and Neighbourhood
B.C. Short 1927

B.C. Short was the Head Librarian in Bournemouth in the 1920's and produced this interesting book on local smuggling. A rare book but still available in some libraries in the Bournemouth area.

18th Century Smuggling in Christchurch
Allen White 1973

Unfortunately out of print. I have never come across of copy outside of the local libraries. An important book regarding local smuggling in Christchurch and the surrounding areas.

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